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Glamour DollsA.JPG (7328 bytes)               Glamour DollsB.JPG (7711 bytes)
(a)                                                      (b)

Glamour DollsC.JPG (5328 bytes)                Glamour DollsD.JPG (6211 bytes)                Glamour DollsE.JPG (6477 bytes)
(c)                                             (d)                                                   (e)

Glamour Dolls, 1991
h23 1/4 x w17 1/4 in., series of five (framed)
ink on paper
(b, c, d & e Sold)  
$400 each


Touch Me.JPG (8527 bytes)

Touch Me, 1997
h36 x w36 in. oil on canvas (framed) 


Frozen Love.JPG (7082 bytes)

Frozen Love, 1997
36 x w36 in. oil on canvas (framed)


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