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The University of Michigan
School of Art
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1995, summa cum laude
G.P.A. 3.84/4.0


Amy Contopulos Gallery                               1999 -
On-line Gallery

VSA arts Online Gallery                              2001 -

ArtFirst!                                                           April - May 2003
The Medical Center at Princeton
Princeton, New Jersey

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts    December 2001-
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                           January 2002

ViewPoint Gallery                                         April 2001 -
Sunnyview Rehabilitation Center                May 2001
Schenectady, New York

Art Ability                                                      
1998, 1999, 2000,
Bryn Mawr Rehab                                          2001, 2002, 2003
Malvern, Pennsylvania

Art Ability                                                      February 1999
Wayne Art Center
Wayne, Pennsylvania

Very Special Arts Gallery West               1997 - 1999
Beverly Hills, California

In the Neighborhood:
Spotlight on California Artists                  March - May 1998
Very Special Arts Gallery West
Beverly Hills, California

Vis/ability: Views From the Interior        1995
Slusser Gallery
Ann Arbor, Michigan


The Other Side                                            September & October

"Disability and Art Portfolio"                   Summer 1998
Michigan Quarterly Review


Bentley Historical Library
"Scrapbook: 1990-1991,"
photographic essay, 1995
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bryn Mawr Hospital
"Come and Get Me,"
ink on paper, 1995
Malvern, Pennsylvania


"Green with Envy," oil on canvas, 1995
Catherine and David Barrad
Los Angeles, California

"I See You," ink on paper, 1995
Amber FauntLeRoy
Los Angeles, California

"Casting Couch," colored pencil on paper, 1995
"Courtney's Sunshine," oil on canvas, 1991
Courtney Gross
Beverly Hills, California

"Come and Get Me," ink on paper, 1995
Ken Gross
Marina Del Rey, California

"Let's Do Lunch,"
oil on canvas, 1993
Laurie K. Konheim
Beverly Hills, California

"Seclusion," ink on paper, 1993
Douglas E. Love
Los Angeles, California

"Hysteria," oil on canvas, 1994
"Glamour Dolls,"
ink on paper, 1995
"Blind Date,"
oil on canvas, 1995
"Cinema," oil on canvas, 1995
Jenny and Hal Price
Gladwynne, Pennsylvania

"Glamour Dolls," ink on paper, 1995
Pat Ryan
Malvern, Pennsylvania

"Mother May I?"
oil on canvas, 1998
"Tight Squeeze," ink on paper, 1992
Kent Wakeford
San Francisco, California


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Studio City, California


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